Tourette Syndrome in the News
January 3, 2011 - Neuroscientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis are using sophisticated imaging, neuropsychological testing and clinical evaluations to study children who may be at risk for Tourette Syndrome (TS) due to the onset of motor and/or vocal tics.
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Researchers study children at risk for Tourette syndrome
Discovery of Rare Genetic Mutation Could Help Battle Tourette Syndrome

May 5, 2010 - A single, very unusual family with Tourette syndrome (TS) has led Yale School of Medicine researchers to identify a rare mutation in a gene that is required to produce histamine. The finding provides a new framework to understand many years of data on the role of histamine function in the brain and points to a potentially novel approach to treatment of tics and Tourette. Read the entire story.
Abnormalities in Brain Histamine may be Key Factor in Tourette Syndrome

September 14, 2010 - The National Institute of Health's National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) is studying a family with a rare pattern of Tourette to help them understand the role of histamine in Tourette. Read the entire story.
Tourette Syndrome pushed into cultural mainstream

April 13, 2010 - The wife of a Tourette sufferer points to examples of people with TS stepping into the spotlight.
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Former Royal Helping Kids Overcome Tourette Syndrome
March 24, 2011 - The journal Current Biology published a study that showed children with Tourette syndrome performed behavioral tests of cognitive motor control more quickly and accurately than those without the disorder. Read the entire story or review the study.
Children With Tourette Syndrome Have Better Motor Control, Study Finds
March 16, 2011 - Fox4 television interview with Jim Eisenreich talking about overcoming Tourette Syndrome to achieve his goals and how his foundation helps other kids have the confidence to achieve their own personal goals. Watch the story...
March 24, 2011 - Researchers at The University of Nottingham discovered that the brains of children with Tourette syndrome (TS) develop in a unique way — which could suggest new methods of treating the condition. Read the entire story.
Children With Tourette Syndrome Could Benefit from Behavioral Therapy
May 11, 2015 - Jim Eisenreich, a Royal from 1987-92, now devotes much of his time to education about Tourette syndrome, an affliction that almost derailed what became a 15-year big-league career. Read the entire story.
Ex-Royal Jim Eisenreich is proud to educate the masses on Tourette's