Helping a child with Tourette Syndrome is not difficult.
Adult support staff both in and out of school come into contact with TS students outside of the classroom. This guide provides suggestions on dealing with TS behaviors for bus drivers, coaches, and other adult leaders.
A little patience combined with creativity and flexibility in the learning environment can help children with Tourette Syndrome (TS) thrive and overcome their unique challenges. We have created the following Resource Guides to help you address the special needs of a child with Tourette Syndrome and related disorders.
Principals and administrators play an important role in enhancing a TS student's experience. This guide covers ways to prepare teachers and staff for a TS student and offers suggestions on adapting the school environment for their special needs.
For students with TS the school counselor if often the link between teachers, administrators and parents. This guide contains suggestions on how to establish a strong relationship with a TS student and help them adapt to the learning environment.
Teachers have the critical job of finding methods that design a classroom community where every child is valued. This guide provides insights on how to create an environment that will help a student with TS thrive.