My child has been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. What can I do?

Tourette Syndrome is a diagnosis that can be confusing for kids and parents alike. Families today have more resources to learn about and deal with Tourette Syndrome than existed when I was diagnosed. Google Tourette Syndrome and you are off on a journey of learning and information.

There are a couple of basic things to remember as you help your child cope with Tourette.

Find a doctor you like and trust, listen to them and ask questions. This will help you understand the options that are available to help your child control the symptoms of TS.

Help them eat right and exercise. A good balanced diet and regular exercise can help a body better cope with the symptoms of Tourette.

Be encouraging. I didn't let Tourette stop me from reaching my goal of becoming a Major League Baseball player. Don't let Tourette stop your child from reaching for their personal goals.

Take care of yourself. Keeping yourself calm will help you deal with the stress that sometimes comes with helping your child.

Read our Resource Guide for other suggestions on how to deal with Tourette Syndrome in your family.
"Support your kids and help them cope with the symptoms of TS. And don't let them stop dreaming!!!
Jim Eisenreich