Words by Dan Quisenberry

Dan Quisenberry

By Dan Quisenberry*

don’t believe that lie
about sticks and stones

words are the strongest weapon
under the sun

it’s words that start wars
broker the peace

in the beginning was the word
and it was God
and still is

and if you use the wrong ones
i’ll sock you in the nose
ram your car

and if you use the right words
i will praise you
kiss you
and long for your company


*Dan Quisenberry, Kansas City Royals Hall-of-Fame pitcher. In his retirement, he continued writing poetry and began to give readings in schools and bookstores. He died in 1998 from a brain tumor. This poem can be found in his book On Days Like This: Poems.

Jordan Rowland … following his dream

Jordan Rowland lives in Indiana and, like Jim, has Tourette Syndrome. Jim got the opportunity to meet Jordan and share some of his experiences to give Jordan a different perspective on his condition.

And Jim can’t wait to get that ticket to the World Series!!

Good luck Jordan!

Jordan and Jim