Jim's Story

When Florida Marlin Jim Eisenreich hit a homerun in the 1997 World Series, few watching would remember that Tourette Syndrome had almost taken away his dream to play baseball. But it didn't.

Jim had a normal childhood and a loving family but at age 6 he began to exhibit some strange symptoms. He had tics and jerks, and couldn't quit blinking his eyes. His family accepted this behavior. But at school, where the social pressures can be enormous, he struggled.

The doctor in his hometown of St. Cloud, Minnesota didn't understand and the teachers assumed that he could stop the strange behavior anytime he wished. Other children teased Jim. Even a junior high school coach made fun of him when he heard Jim clearing his throat uncontrollably. The reaction of outsiders made Jim feel that he must be crazy. He spent a lot of time alone, the only safe place for a child who feels different.

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What Jim's Doing:

Jim started the Jim Eisenreich Foundation for Children With Tourette Syndrome to help children who have been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and their families find answers to their initial questions and links to resources to help them learn to cope with Tourette.

Jim's outreach includes stadium visits, classroom presentations and discussions and one-on-one assistance to children and families affected by TS.

In 2011, Jim attended the Philly's Fantasy Camp in January, Royals Fantasy Camp in February, a bowling fundraiser for the Joshua Center and is planning school visits to discuss issues in connection with bullying in public schools.