The mission of the Jim Eisenreich Foundation for Children with Tourette Syndrome is to build avenues of success for every child with Tourette Syndrome through programs, and services which address the needs of families, educators, peers, and medical professionals.
History of the Foundation
Jim Eisenreich and his wife Leann founded The Jim Eisenreich Foundation for Children with Tourette Syndrome in 1996 to help children with TS achieve personal success.

In its first year, the foundation met with area philanthropists and funders to raise awareness of the goals of the foundation. On September 21, 1996, the foundation teamed with the Kansas City Explorers professional tennis team to host its first fund raising event. The proceeds of the event helped launch the foundation's activities. An office was established with an 800 phone number, which gave parents the opportunity to call with their questions and concerns. In some cases this was the first opportunity many parents had to talk to someone who has dealt with the feelings and emotions their children are experiencing.

Success for every child with Tourette Syndrome

What we do...

Events and Programs
A key objective of the Jim Eisenreich Foundation is to offer programs and services that address the needs of families, educators, peers and medical professionals. Here are a few examples of our events and activities:

Atypical Boy - Invisible Disabilities Take Center Stage
The Jim Eisenreich Foundation commissioned a play for young audiences to help people gain a better understanding about living with invisible disabilities, like Tourette Syndrome and its associated disorders. Atypical Boy was written by award winning playwright Laurie Brooks and serves as a metaphor about children who live with invisible disabilities. According to Ms. Brooks, the play does not mention specific disabilities; however it covers issues about acceptance, sensitivity to differences, tolerance and peer relationships in an entertaining and thought provoking manner.
More information about Atypical Boy...

Stadium visits
Jim Eisenreich will host groups of children with Tourette Syndrome and their families for a night at a professional baseball game. Eisenreich will speak at a pre-game presentation about his lifelong bout with Tourette Syndrome, as well as his time as a Major League Baseball player. After the presentation, the families are invited to join Eisenreich in attending the game. The Jim Eisenreich Foundation and the host team provide the tickets.

Community and Corporate Presentations
Are you looking for an inspirational speaker for an upcoming meeting? Jim is available for a limited number of appearances each year to meet with corporations, community organizations and schools. His presentations help people understand what it is like living with this neurological disorder and having the desire to overcome any obstacle placed in your way. By providing awareness about what an individual with TS is going through, Jim believes everyone will be more understanding. This will in turn allow the individuals with TS to be more successful in dealing with the disorder.